Wild boar hunting in Turkey WhatsApp/Viber: +90 532 774 90 27 info@optimumwildboars.com
Wild boar hunting in Turkey WhatsApp/Viber: +90 532 774 90 27 info@optimumwildboars.com

Why choose Optimum Hunting?

Experience makes the difference!

Optimum Hunting is comprised of team members that have more than 10 years of experience in trophy hunting areas in all over Turkey. We organised many successful hunts during the years we served. Thanks to big names like the past president of SCI Gary Bogner, Jim Shockey, Tom Miranda, Jason Hornady, Alan & Barbara Sackman, Ben Salleras and Pedro Ampuero that they’ve chosen us to hunt with. Along with the experience, we dominate all the hunting areas in Turkey, not only for wild boar but for all the species.

Your priorities

  • You will be accommodating in the best hotel in town and having your meals in the restaurants of high quality. Accommodation and meals are one of the most important points to us. Because a good and comfortable sleep with quality meals will boost both the hunters and the guides for the success of the hunt.
  • You’ll be taken to the hunting grounds with brand new 4×4 pick-up trucks that are suitable for all the terrains. Every hunter (except for the driven wild boar hunts) will have 1 PH and 1 translator with him. Our PH will pick you up from the airport, handle the gun import, help you complete your hunt with success and accompany you to the airport back for your flight. You will never feel alone in a country that you don’t know much about.
  • You will be having your lunch on the hunting grounds in company with the beautiful nature and Turkish hospitality. Sometimes we will find a chance to have a barbecue while we are enjoying our moments in the nature. In case we won’t, you’ll have canned food, sandwiches, etc. Whenever possible, we’ll go shopping taking into account your taste and provide you with the food you desire most.
  • Just after a successful shot, we take you to the trophy via the safest route and take professional photos as souvenirs. We will be very glad to picture one of the happiest moments of yours.
  • After we get the trophy, we do the skinning stuff studiously (including hide, skull and horns). For wild boar hunts the tusks are taken and cleaned and returned to its hunter in safety.

Our difference

  • Different from other outfitters, Optimum Hunting never charges the hunter for an extra during the hunt. Again we never force the hunter for the tips he/she is gonna give.
  • We do 5 days of pre-scouting with our PHs in the area just before the hunt to spot the best trophy in that area already. So your hunt becomes easier and more successful in the end. Most of the outfitters in Turkey, don’t do pre-scouting to avoid huge extra costs. Profit is less important than the hunter’s satisfaction and success for us. So don’t leave anything to chance.
  • We utilize the most professional hunting equipments as Swarovski, Zeiss and Leica optical products.

Your tag is yours!

Turkish Wildlife Department allows a hunter for 2 hunting opportunities for a single tag. That means in any case (woundings not counted) that you come empty handed from a hunt, you will have a second hunting opportunity in the same season (comprising 1st of September – 31st of March) for the same tag. Different from the other outfitters in Turkey, we definitely do not sell your tag to another hunter. Optimum Hunting gives the hunter a second chance to take this extra 7 days hunting opportunity for the related tag, for only the cost of organization (we don’t demand any tag fees as if the hunter is coming to a bare new hunt).

In short, our mission is to serve the hunter the best with our professional and sincere team and to make your hunting trip as successful as possible.