Wild boar hunting in Turkey WhatsApp/Viber: +90 532 774 90 27 info@optimumwildboars.com
Wild boar hunting in Turkey WhatsApp/Viber: +90 532 774 90 27 info@optimumwildboars.com

Company, founders and the team

Company, founders & the team

Optimum Hunting is a new and fresh company, founded in 2018. We have our headquarters in the beautiful city of Antalya in southern Turkey.

Our founder Mr. Cüneyt Akkaşoğlu has been in the hunting business as a professional hunter (PH) for more than 10 years and has concluded numerous successful hunts in all over the world with hunters coming from every continent of the world. He speaks English fluently.

Other founding partners, Mr. Alex Demir and Mr. Benoit Wach constitute the France leg of the company and have also great experience in the hunting fields, besides their own professions.

Our hunting guides are very experienced and have a thorough knowledge of the districts they are hunting in.

On the other hand, every other member of the team is experienced and specialized in their own subject.

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Founders & the team


Our company is located in Antalya, a coastal Mediterranean city in south of Turkey. Antalya is a touristic province with an annual capacity of over 10 million tourists which makes it the Turkey’s tourism capital.

Antalya, Turkey

Wild boar hunting in Turkey

Although we’re a newly established company, we have been arranging wild boar hunting trips in all over Turkey for many years. These stalking wild boar hunts in Turkey and driven wild boar hunts in Turkey have been almost always succesful and the results taken have attracted many new clients.

You may visit our Latest Hunts page to get an opinion: https://optimumwildboars.com/latest-hunts/

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